Friday, August 20, 2010

how to Show HTML/JavaScript Code inside Blogger Blog Posts on your blog

as you read different posts on my blog you see that there are many post in which there should be some code but its not show . why is there is a reason behind this which is in detail show below

"The Blogspot’s XML parser takes it as a code, and shows the result whatever is written in the code you pasted… Its only you who knows that you wanted to show the code deliberately without wanting it to be parsed automatically ."

so now as always solution in problem it self . so in this our problem the solution is that our code should not be parsed automatically for this ...........

Google’s Blogger Team realized this, and have added a solution for this in Blogger’s settings.

1. Login to your blogger account
2. Go to Settings.
3. Go down to the page.
4. Under “Select Post Editor”, choose “Updated Editor”.
5. Save the Settings.

after this setting for a new post which have code use following

Now Go and make a post, click “Post Options” below the post editor, and select “show HTML Literally”.

Insert any HTML codes in the post and preview or publish it.

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