Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sample app or project for the MVC ?

Looking from a long time to get the opportunity to work in MVC framework and I know the basic what is MVC and how it works? How it differs from the traditional web forms, but not getting any project in my companies and lot of other issues are regularly facing which keep myself busy so the main point is that missing the right time and right opportunity to clean my MVC hands.

In those days I am big fan of so there I got lot of knowledge today any user similar to me in MVC knowledge asked “What will be the right way to start a project on MVC” and the answer is (NerdDinner 2.0 Complete ASP.NET MVC Sample App) and source code is also available on codeplex (Project Hosting for Open Source Software) so the objective of my blogging share my knowledge to my readers. So this is the answer of sample app or project for the MVC ?

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