Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why income tax return is so complicated in India?

Hi to everyone,
I am a computer professionalize and as far as I think I am well educated. Yester night I see a TV advertisement about its now easy to fill “e-return” in India and i am also thinking to fill the return this year so by inspired by that TV add , when I come to office open the and type the e-filling tax , and it gives me the list link as expected from “ google guru”. I go through the first link which is an official website of our nation to fill the return and there is a lot of menus in the left hand side but I didn’t getting any idea on which link should I go. I am very much confused between the fourth and fifth menus which are File return online and Pay taxes online. Really I never thought it will have so much confusion and financial terms. As I working in a private company so this will be the reason else in government offices everyone know how to fill tax return and what they get if govt approve any extra TA DA or any allowance for them. They have so much time to calculate all these things but we don’t have.
Can it is not possible that there is a simple form which have some basic enquiry + pen card number +my bank statements and any other thing required then there is upload option and when I fill the form then email to me and my company and after confirmation from my company my income tax return is successfully submitted. As I go through my idea there can be lot more improvement or amendments can be done but it will be simple for us. Hoping that anybody have same trouble and it will change the pattern ……………………..

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