Sunday, November 16, 2014

Create a simple workflow in MS CRM 2013 with Email Template

I am going to create a simple workflow in MS CRM 2013 that will sends an email whenever new account is created.

We can use account template of email to for  email content or we can create our own email template also .

For creating our own email template .

Go to Settings => Templates = > Email Templates 
Click on New 
it will open a dialogue box which will ask for type of Email templates. Here we are going to use
Template Type = Account .

A new window will open and ask for info related to Template like subject and body of message. you can add fields info also in subject or body content.

After valid input press save and close button . Now email template is ready . You can check that in Email Templates list also with Email Type is Account .

Next our task is to create a workflow for this . Please follow following steps.

Please Go To Settings = > Processes => New 

This will open a new window with required info about process . We are going to create a New Blank Work flow. Now press OK .

In the nex window Select following options

Scope = Organization and Start When = Record is created.

Now selects the first row and click on Add Step

here you can select send email  choose "Use Template" and click on Set Propeties to set the To and From options. 

Now click on save and Activate the Process. 

Now you will be able to see your process in Process list with name of  
"Send Email To verify account"

Now go to  Sales and Account and Create a New Account by click on Create .

After creating a new account you can see the status of your workflow by  Clicking on

Settings => Processes => Your WorkFlow name

and new window will open , now check process session it will show you the status of your process.

Note : here i am using web hosted version of MS CRM 2013 for example . 

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