Friday, August 20, 2010

how to Change the Authentication Mode of the SQL server 2005 from "Windows Authentication Mode (Windows Authentication)" to "Mixed Mode (Windows Au

hi to all ,

today i face a problem that is at the time of installation of slq server 2005 i have choosen window authentication except

Mixed Mode (Windows Authentication and SQL Server Authentication)", and now i want to change it because when i create any new

login and try to connect with the new login credentials it will show error that "user is not associated with trusted sql

server connection" and this error due to i have choosen window authentication . so i have to change this mode in sql server.
for this it is simple connect ur server with window aunthetication and right click on server name in object explorer and

choose properties -> a window will open and in side pane choose security page there is a option to change mode , now press ok
now u can login with sql server authentication mode.

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