Wednesday, August 18, 2010

how to set default browser ?

today i face a problem , actually when i am login in gtalk and want to click on mail button in my gtalk it will open my gmail

account in internet explorer , but i want that it should open in mozilla firefox, the problem is understandable that mozilla

is currently not my default browser ? then i how can set it default browser ?
i google on this topic and find solution on mozilla website that you can go throught tools menu and choos options and in

option dialog box choose advanced tab there is a subtab general at first no my there is option to check default browser and

if u press it then it will ask to set mozilla set as default so u can make mozilla firefox as default browser from here .

but the problem is still that if i want to set any other browser so i need a solution from which i can set any browser as

default browser.
and problem solution exists in window settings that is sure. and finally i got the solution that is go to your control

panel and in add or remove programs there is a option for "set program access and defualts" in side bar of dialog box where u can find the set the default for any program u want . there u can set any browser as your default browser......

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