Saturday, August 21, 2010

when executing a sql file getting "system.outofmemoryexception" in sql server 2005

hi dears
today i m face a very interesting problem is that in our erp system we gnerate .sql file from database publishing wizard and server genrate .sql file successfully . but when i am execute that file on our local system in sql server 2005 we will get error that "system.outofmemoryexception" .i google it and found the solution that this problem is related to sql server memory configuration
. actually default setting of sql server use 2 gb memory for executing the any query in database sql server 2005
then there is two option
1-first one is suggested by msdn is that expand your memory from 2gb to 3 gb

2- second which i try and got success which is dont execute query at once , divide ur query in bunch of some lines so you can execute them.and after one by one execute all bunch of sql queries

i know that my solution is temporary but its work for me..

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